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          Dongying Shengpai Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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          product name: pinacolone
          Alias: tehexanone; pinacolone; pinacolone; 2,2-dimethyl-3-butanone; methyl tert-butyl ketone; 3,3-dimethyl-butan-2-one;
          methyl tert-butyl M) ketone; methyl tert-butyl ketone; 1,1,1-trimethyl acetone; 3,3-dimethyl butanone;
          methyl tertiary butyl ketone; methyl tert-butyl ketone; pinacol
          CAS NO.: 75-97-8
          Molecular formula: C6H12O
          Molecular weight: 100.1589
          Physical and chemical properties: Density: 0.8 
          Melting Point: -52.5-106℃
          Boiling Point: 106℃
          Flash Point: 17℃
          Yield: 2600 tons/year
          Uses: Mainly used in the production of triazole pesticides, such as triazolone, paclobutrazol, niconazole, triazolam, etc.
          Structural formula:

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