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          Dongying Shengpai Chemical Co.,Ltd.
          Sales hotline:+86-18678649889       Chinese   |   English

          Methyl hydrazinocarboxylate

          Type: Organic raw materials/esters/organic acid esters
          Product name: Methyl hydrazinocarboxylate
          CAS NO: 6294-89-9
          Molecular weight: 90.0812 
          EC NO: 228-560-3
          Molecular formula: C2H6N2O2
          InChI: InChI=1/C2H6N2O2/c1-6-2(5)4-3/h3H2,1H3,(H,4,5)
          Product description: Methyl hydrazinocarboxylate Appearance White crystal 99.5 Melting point, ℃ 73-76 Insoluble matter≤0.02% Combustion residue≤0.02% Moisture content≤0.02% PH value of 10% aqueous solution at 25℃ 8.20 Color of 12% aqueous solution≤8 Chloride ion, ppm ≤5 sulfate fluoride ion, ppm ≤5 sulfide ion, ppm ≤20 silicon ion, ppm ≤10 copper ion, ppm ≤1 total heavy metal ion content, ppm ≤10
          Alias: Carbohydrazide methyl; Methoxycarbazide; Methyl hydrazine formate; Hydrazine methylformate; Methoxycarbonyl hydrazide
          Structural formula:

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