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          Dongying Shengpai Chemical Co.,Ltd.
          Sales hotline:+86-18678649889       Chinese   |   English


          Product name: Acethydrazide CAS number: 1068-57-1
          Alias: Acethydrazide Molecular formula: C7H5ClF3N
          EINECS number:   Content: 98%
          Uses: Chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates Specification: Intermediate
          Appearance & Property: white needle Heavy Metal: ppm

          Acethydrazide raw materials

          a) Product name: Acethydrazide

          b) CAS Registry Number: 1068-57-1

          c) Molecular formula: C7H5ClF3N

          d) Content: ≥ 98%

          e) Uses: Aromatic Hydrazides, Hydrazines, Hydrazones and Oximes; Pesticide Intermediates; Other Pesticides; Pesticide Intermediates; Herbicide Intermediates; Nitrogen Compounds; Reagents and Supplements

          Packing: 25kg cardboard drum

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