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          Dongying Shengpai Chemical Co.,Ltd.
          Sales hotline:+86-18678649889       Chinese   |   English

          (3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropyl)trimethylammonium chloride

          Liquid cationic etherifying agent CTA is a fine chemical product with multiple applications.
          Product Name: (3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropyl)trimethylammonium chloride,
          Alias: aminotrimethane hydrochloride,
          Appearance is a colorless transparent liquid,
          molecular weight 188.10,
          solubility: easily soluble in water and 2-propanol.
          The product is an aqueous solution with a content of 69% at room temperature, and can be immediately converted into an epoxidation mechanism under alkaline conditions, thereby reacting with starch, guar gum and other substrates to achieve cationization of the product.
          Physical Properties Index Executive Standard: QB/SGYS001-2007
          (1) Appearance: Colorless and transparent liquid;
          (2) Color number:
          (3) Active content: ≥69%
          (4) 1,3-Dichloropropanol: ≤20PPM
          (5) Epichlorohydrin: ≤5PPM
          (6) Amine salt content: ≤50PPM
          (7) PH value: 4-6 (10% solution)
          Uses: Liquid cationic etherifying agent CTA can be used as a cationic additive. Widely used in the following fields
          (1) Paper industry: mainly used as a liquid cationic etherifying agent, widely used in cellulose, fiber derivatives and starch to transform and react with starch to obtain cationic starch, which can be used as an internal sizing binder for paper, paper Reinforcing agents, fillers and additives for fine fiber retention.
          (2) Textile industry: The liquid cationic etherification agent CTA reacts with cotton fibers to improve the bonding of fuel; reacts with starch to obtain cationic starch, which can be used as warp sizing agent.
          (3) Water treatment industry: The suspended solids in the water are negatively charged, and the cationic polymer generated by the reaction with the liquid cationic etherifying agent CTA is widely used as a flocculant for water purification.
          (4) Daily chemical industry: The cationic guar gum produced by the reaction with the liquid cationic etherifying agent CTA is an important daily chemical.
          Liquid cationic etherifying agent CTA has the following advantages:
          (1) Appearance of the product is a transparent water liquid, colorless and odorless, with low impurity content, less than 25PPM.
          (2) Because of the continuous production process, the product quality is stable.
          (3) The product reaction efficiency is high, up to 80%

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